Good and upright is the Lord;

therefore he instructs sinners in the way.

Psalm 25: 8


God acts in ways that run counter to much of how our world does. When He holds an advantage by virtue of His wisdom and knowledge, He doesn’t move to consolidate that position of power. Instead, the Lord seeks to improve our standing. Rather than hold us in a state of fear for His might, He brings us the love of a Father. God makes Himself known to us in many ways. He revealed Himself fully in the person of Jesus, and He dwells with and within us as the Spirit of Christ.


We have been given the gift of God’s Word as it is expressed in written form and as it is revealed to us by His Spirit. The Lord is active and engaged in our world and in our lives. His wisdom is what brings truth to our minds, and His truth gives guidance to our thoughts and actions. Yet, even with wisdom, truth, and guidance we need strength and courage to withstand the forces of our world and Satan’s relentless drive to destroy and to defeat God’s hold on us. Strength and courage are ours by and through Christ who faced the full furry of evil and never faltered. He brings us through each and every hard situation and temptation that we encounter. Christ is the solid ground where we can plant our feet, and His hands hold us secure despite our weakness and fatigue.


Even as we struggle and fail to hold up; in other words, as even as we sin, God responds with grace and with love. He desires to be in a relationship with us that is not disrupted or interrupted by our disobedience and rebellion. God is very well aware of who we are and of how we function as children of this world. So, He works to change all of that. God shows us His character and teaches us His righteous way to live. His instruction is perfect for each of our learning styles and meets us where we are in our journey. The education that the Lord provides brings His children into life and peace and redeems us from the shame of our sinfulness.