For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize wit our weakness, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.

Hebrews 4: 15


There are pressures and situations that take us outside of God’s will. Every person is born into this life with disobedience to God as our orientation; so, believing, thinking, and acting in ways that God calls sinful is our natural manner and certain approach to life. None of us get through our days without traveling along this devious path that leads away from God’s truth. Every human being fails to love absolutely and to give all for the sake of that love. Each of us compromises and is compromised in little and in great ways as we prosecute our journey through this world.


These statements present a bleak picture of humanity. Well, life can be truly bleak; however, that is not the way that God says that He desires for us to live. The Father wants us to join with Him in a life that is characterized by the experience of peace in our souls. He calls to all people to turn away from ourselves and to Him. This all begins with the acceptance of Christ as our Savior, and it continues with submission to Christ as Lord over all. There is no aspect of creation that is not under His authority, and there is no portion of our lives in which He does not have the right to reign supreme.


In the Father’s perfect plan, He established Christ as the high priest over all of creation. In this role as high priest Christ has the authority to act as judge and adjudicator of our righteousness. He has been well prepared for this position in that Jesus was truly tempted by all that we experience. Yet, He did not give in to any of the temptation. He remained true to His absolute trust in the Father and to a response to the world’s calling that is based upon faith. We can come before Christ with our brokenness and sinful hearts fully exposed. With total confidence we can open up the darkest corners of our lives to the light of His love. So, it is in the presence of God’s infinite grace that we can enter into the Sabbath rest that is the Father’s will and desire for our hearts and minds.