In his hand is the life of every living thing

and the breath of all mankind.

Job 12: 10


As Job is describing God’s might and sovereignty there is on view the element of control. God is the one who created all that we know and experience. His hand has crafted this world and the universe where it hangs, and it shapes all aspects of life on this earth. If we would listen and observe there is testimony to this to be found in all of nature. Even bushes can be our teachers when it comes to expressing the nature of their Creator. It is logical to conclude that our lives are formed and shaped by those same hands so that the very air that we breathe is His gift. Yet, I think that there is more than this element of control or sovereignty in all of this.


In Job’s telling of his relationship with God there is a striking quality of intimacy present. God knows Job in a manner that is deep and profound. As Job explores the events of his life and interacts with his friends and with God, Job comes to know God in an increasingly complete way. He gains true knowledge of God. God does not use His power, knowledge of us, or His control over life and death as a means to manipulate and to manage us. Rather, His desire is that we would trust Him, open our hearts to Him, and allow His Spirit opportunity to work in us to transform us into people who are more and more like Christ.


This openness and trust is the nature of mature, intimate relationships of every type. It is especially the character of the relationship that God seeks to have with all people. Although God does know each of us to a level that is deeper than our cellular biology, the Lord desires for us to reciprocate in our drive to know Him. I have found that as I seek relationship with God, gaining knowledge of Him and understanding of His ways, that I trust God more and open myself up to His scrutiny and touch in areas that had previously been carefully hidden away. The supernatural outgrowth of gaining the understanding that God truly knows me this well is a desire on my part that exceeds willingness to have God search, sift, and work in my life every day.