And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Colossians 1: 17


Just to be clear, Paul is talking about Christ here. Paul wants us to understand the authority that we, as followers of Christ, live under. He also is discussing essential truth that we need in order to grasp the way that our entire world operates. Although Christians voluntarily align ourselves with God’s authority and rule and so are subject to it, all of creation is, in fact, subject to this same authority. It just doesn’t always accept this truth, and it often fights against the very rule that is the deep underlying natural law that brings about its only hope for real peace.


Even as believers in Christ, we don’t always do such great jobs of following His will. People tend to be very stubborn and willful. We struggle greatly with giving up our perception of control to anyone. This becomes more pronounced as God searches our deepest parts and we begin to feel the tension that often exists between the Lord’s way of living and the one that we are comfortable with following. Yet Christ is here before us and before any of our ancestors. His righteousness is our actual strength. His grace is the only real freedom. The love that Christ brings in the name of the Father is creation’s singular hope for peace and for reconciliation of that which has been broken apart.


Christ grants to His people an extraordinary opportunity to enter into the peace that He brings. He also leads us into being agents of reconciliation. The world around s is filled with turmoil. Nations and nature are aflame. There are many days when it would seem that violence is humanity’s natural order and that anger is our preferred form of discourse. In the face of all of this Christ says that there is another way. There is a greater truth. Our Lord wants to lead us into that which is before all of this disruption and destructive behavior. Christ calls upon us to repent of our sinful ways and enter into His righteousness. He implores us to accept His grace and to give it to everyone around us, and Christ leads us along the path of sacrificial love that brings the distanced ones home and that can reconcile even the most shattered of relationships.