For you, O Lord, are most high over all the earth;

you are exalted far above all gods.

Psalm 97: 9


It is valid to ask the question, “Who and what do I lift up to the very pinnacle of my admiration and adoration?” The correct answer comes back, “God, of course!” Yet, honesty, and the prodding of that thing that we call conscience which I think is actually the Holy Spirit speaking God’s word of truth to my heart and mind, says otherwise. For the object of my affections, the focal point of my gaze, is too often something or someone else.


There are many hours in my days when I am intent on doing what I believe is the right or the best thing to do. Yet, the definition of right and best is one that is of my own choosing, and it is crafted out of a worldly culture of self-fulfillment with its own set of priorities and loyalties. This world’s kitchen is a place where a thick and seemingly hearty stew of achievement, wealth, power, and pleasure is always brewing on the stove. I know that I tend to go there and to taste the easily available broth when the Lord has provided a far healthier diet for me to consume.


God desires that I would turn to Him and give to Him all of my worship and praise. The Lord is above all else. That means that He is the source, the origin, and the provider of everything that is valuable and necessary for living my life today and every other day. If achievement is to be mine, if wealth or power or pleasure, these all come from God’s hand and out of His gracious will. As I turn my focus to God in reading His Word, in meditation on it and on Him, in prayer and fasting, and in submission to His will revealed; He grants understanding to my mind and He strengthens my heart so that I can stay true to His path through today.