He stretches out the north over the void

and hangs the earth on nothing.

Job 26: 7


Sometimes people seem to get the idea that God is dependant upon others. We believe that our actions will cause or motivate a specific response from God or that He is waiting for us to show our hand before He takes His next step of engagement with our world. This type of thinking makes people very important, and it diminishes God’s true position as regards us and the rest of creation. There is nothing that happens in any corner of the universe that God does not know about long before it was set in motion. We can not even form a thought about which the Lord has not already contemplated its generational impact.


Job has come to the place where he sees his own powerlessness before God. There is nothing that he can control and no aspect of God’s character or will that Job can manipulate. Yet, he is good with this. Job’s soul is a peace with his understanding of God’s sovereignty, might, and control. From his heart out to his mind Job knows that he can trust God’s goodness and righteousness with everything in his life and in the world around him. This is the God who created our entire universe out of absolutely nothing. This is the Lord of all creation whose very breath brings life and whose own blood brings eternal relationship.


As we stand before the same sky as Job observed and view the growing light of dawn or the expanding darkness of twilight, we are surrounded by the work of God’s hand. The platform for our feet was placed here and is held in that place by God’s touch. The light of our day and the stars in the night sky are the design and the provision of the Creator. As God attends to the minutest detail in the universe, so much more does He enter into caring for the people who are the pinnacle of that creation. The Lord covers our days of living in the chaos and turmoil of this world with the presence of Heaven. Christ provides the strength and the wisdom to us so that we can walk upright and righteously through all of our days.