For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

Romans 11: 36


Here is the formula for living a balanced life. It has nothing to do with calendars, planning, right job, friends, social contacts, skills, education, or even sleeping enough and eating right. It has everything to do with an understanding of the fundamental orientation of life. It is based in the acceptance by each of us of the fact that we have little control over our life and even less say in its outcome, and this is not only alright, it is the best thing possible.


Of course, by saying “him” Paul is talking about God. In this section of Romans the Apostle is discussing God’s plan for salvation for all of us, and he is setting out the wondrous way that God has used the disobedience of Israel as a means for saving both Gentiles and Jews. Another way to put this is that all that we might plan to do, and all that we strive to accomplish in life is doomed to futility and failure if it does not come about as a result of and through our relationship with God. He is the source and the means for all that is worthy and worthwhile in our lives.


So, this idea, this life establishing and altering concept that God is my singular source and only valid way to live a full, balanced and effectual life is in itself a cause for praise and worship. As I meditate on God’s word and contemplate who He is, my Lord makes Himself known to me. He grants the understanding and the wisdom that I need for this day in my journey. Thus, my heart is led to offer praise and thanksgiving to God and to recognize my utter lack of resource without Him and my overabundance of it by and through His loving grace. In response I cry out, “To God be all glory this day and forever. Amen.”