In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1: 1


Here is the foundation of all that a Christian believes. For as John will point out in verse 14 this Word is Jesus. When God speaks things happen, and in the converse, when things happen, God has spoken. His word is a complex and thorough rendering of God’s will and desire expressed in the world that He also spoke into existence. This Word that the apostle John writes about is the total expression of God that has been made real, tangible, and complete in and by the presence of Jesus.


When everything in our lives becomes fuzzy and disoriented we can count on this one fundamental truth. That is that there is a solid underpinning, a foundation, of truth for us to turn to in each and every situation that comes our way. There is mercy, goodness, love, and grace behind it all, and these characteristics of God are there for all people who know Christ. They may not change the situation, and they will not always remove the pain or take us out of the struggle. However, they will give us what we need to stay true to our calling as children of God, and they will grant perspective to our times of turmoil and pain.


In the beginning is where God desires for us to dwell. He wants us to recognize that we find life and a form of completeness that goes beyond our earthly experience as we stay firmly focused on the whole person of our Creator. The fullest expression of the new person that we are as a result of God’s work in us is found as we enter into relationship with the Father as Creator and Ruler of all; with the Son, Jesus the Christ our Savior and Lord; and with the Holy Spirit who brings understanding of God’s Word to our hearts and our minds and keeps us in close communion with God through our days. Dwelling in the beginning takes us out of the chaos of sin and places us into the peace of God’s creation intent.