For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55: 9


These are God’s words as Isaiah relates them to us. The Lord is contrasting the way that He acts and thinks with the way that people conduct our lives. Yet, God is not really establishing His superiority as much as He is setting out the possibility for us. The Lord is calling upon people to choose to follow a path through life that is righteous and holy. This is a call to repentance that leads us into relationship with our Lord.


You see, God does not dwell in the rubbish heap that is too often our world. His place of residence is heaven, and this is a place that is wholly separate and apart from the sin-ravaged and broken landscape here. Yet heaven is not so because God has placed a barrier around it in order to keep it apart and the world distant; rather, God is holy, sinless, and He does not allow anything that is otherwise into His presence. Herein lays the powerful appeal of God’s words through the Prophet.


Through Christ we can enter into this same state of being holy and acceptable to God. As we are in Christ we are changed, transformed, and our old fallen ways of acting and thinking are continually being reshaped into ways that are holy, that is loving, just, other-focused, and humbly yielded to God’s word. As the Holy Spirit does this work in us a great miracle takes place. We are relocated into the glory of heaven; yet, we do not leave this world. As we think and act out of the wisdom and the grace of our new lives in Christ, we bring the righteousness and the renewal of heaven into this needy place.