And He is before all things, and in Him all things are held together.

Colossians 1: 17


Christians often take a great deal of comfort out of this verse. In it we see the fact that God, the Creator, designed our world in a manner that allows it to work, and Christ is still working to this moment in holding the whole thing together. Without His continual engagement our world would collapse and spin out of control in a riot of chaos and calamity. I think that this is a true and accurate reading of the meaning here.


Yet, I also think that there is more. This entire section of Colossians is about Christ. In it Paul discusses the fact that Jesus is involved totally with all aspects of creation and that all of creation was made for Jesus. That all includes us in both ways, for Christ made us, and we have been made to glorify Him. We can take comfort and place absolute trust in the fact that our Lord is loving and just with His creation and with His creatures. When we consider the way that Christ holds it all together, that is the world that is under our feet and the heavens above us; it seems that we have to include ourselves and the lives that we live in that thought.


As people we tend to believe that we have to work hard to keep everything going. So, we believe that if we take our hands off of the steering wheel of life for even a moment the results will be disastrous. This is simply not true. In fact, we are far more likely to be the ones who drive off of the cliff or into the wall than Christ is going to do. I think that Paul is telling us that we can trust the Creator to do what is best for and with us. We are freed from that burden of control, and we are set free to serve Christ out of grace of our redeemed state and status. The Lord is holding my life and yours together, and there is no better care possible.