And He, Jesus, began to say to them, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

Luke 4: 21


My hearing may be adequate, but I don’t always hear well. The mind that I have can usually figure things out; however, it seems to filter out some of the concepts that are most important. In this situation, my unwillingness to adequately hear, my inability to grasp what is truly said, and my need to live in the center of the truth that is being expressed collide with life-challenging results.


Jesus, although He is still a youth, is speaking simple, yet profound truth. The deepest struggle that humanity has been enveloped in from its early days has been granted reprieve. The Christ is come, and He brings God’s promise of restoration to all people who will hear and respond. There, in that place and time, Christ has come and life will never be the same. God has descended from Heaven to live among us, and He brings the promise of salvation from our sin and relationship with the Lord in this world and for eternity to completion.


Yet I often live as if there is more to be done. My soul does not rest in the full revelation of what Jesus did. Instead I struggle and hold on tight to my list of things that need to be done. I act as if the Kingdom of God were in a precarious position and it somehow needs me to set it all right. My mind contends with the issues of the day, and it kicks up a giant dust cloud of effort that is blown away on the next breeze revealing that nothing has changed. Yes the Lord does call and send me to serve His will. He does want me to speak His name and proclaim His salvation. However, He is saying that I can do all of this from the peace, the calm, and the weightlessness of His grace that are found in accepting the fact Jesus spoke absolute truth when He said that fulfillment was here and His final words from the cross, “It is finished!”


It is in that truth that we can rest. Christ has done it all. He paid for every debt that we could ever owe, and His work has freed us from the need to earn our way to glory. Today I can accept that it is done. Now I can live in the peace of that fact, and accept rest for my weary soul.