Hear, and I will speak;

I will question you, and you make it known to me.

Job 42: 4


Do you ever feel as if no one is listening? Sometimes it seems like all of the words that are coming out of your mouth are just so much noise, and their heart-felt content is meaningless to the people that you are addressing. I fear that at times most of us reduce the expression of other people’s ideas, wishes, and concerns to the value of background noise, and too often we answer by telling our own story as if our experience is all that matters. In this section of Job he has been engaged in an encounter with friends who are responding to Job’s great life tragedies with this sort of self-centered hearing. So, Job has turned elsewhere to seek understanding and wisdom.


Despite all that has happened to him and in his life, Job knows that God has not abandoned him. Even in the most terrible of circumstances the Lord is present, and His presence is filled with concern, care and love. As Job turns his face to God and pours out his heart with its agony and grief in full view, he knows to the depth of his being that he is being heard. Job possesses a form of confidence in God that is founded upon knowing Him well. Although evil has descended upon Job and done catastrophic damage to his life, Job knows in his heart and in his mind that God is sovereign over this earth and that the Lord does care for him and protects him.


This is the sort of relational trust that allows Job to cry out to God and to express his deepest feelings. As Job seems to command God to hear he is actually stating something that he already knows to be true. God listens always, and His hearing is perfect. In fact, God hears the heart in a way that seems to translate the poorly crafted and too often inaccurate words that I speak into true and honest expression of my condition and actual need. Although God does know all He still wants to hear from me. This dialogue is a part of the way that He relates to each of us. There is nothing that I need to withhold from Him, and God cares about everything. In all of life I am blessed by the presence of my Lord who listens to my every word.