Offer the sacrifices of righteousness,

And trust in the Lord.

Psalm 4: 5


So, God wants me to give Him something in the form of a sacrifice; that seems a bit strange in that He is the Creator of everything, and He ended the Old Testament practice of sacrifice with Jesus’ final one. Still, God does want us to willfully give Him certain aspects of our lives, and those gifts can be true sacrifice for us. The Lord asks for things that are often the things that we hold onto the tightest. They are frequently our long-standing touchstones of personal security.


God wants people to give themselves to Him; not just in an external expression of involvement, but He wants our hearts and our minds. He wants our essential beings. For the Lord really doesn’t care whether we have perfect church attendance or what committees we may serve on; He isn’t interested in the stickers that we place on our cars, or in the books that we line our shelves with. He does care greatly about the way that we love our families and how we reflect His love in our community, about the nature of our conduct, and about what we learn and apply to life from those books.


A sacrifice of righteousness is one that we give to God out of a desire to serve Him; for, He wants us to leave our places of comfort and to take the risk that fully trusting Him entails. Many of us segment and separate our spiritual lives from our other ones to some degree. We talk about some topics with one set of contacts but not with others; we engage in some behaviors in one locale but not in another; and we allow Christ to take absolute lead in some situations, but we hold onto control in others. Sometimes these distinctions between spiritual life and the rest of it are drawn between our personal or private life and our public one, and some of us establish these lines based upon our sense of comfort, thus, our sense of safety with individuals or within groups. Still some of us are more open about our relationship with Christ in the public setting than we are with those who we are closest to. Whatever the circumstances and the situation, if all of my thoughts, actions, and life direction are not driven by my relationship with Christ, I do not trust Him fully. Therefore, He desires for me to give Him the portions of my heart that I am still clinging onto, and these are today’s righteous sacrifices to my Lord.