Who then is the faithful servant, whom his master has set over his household, to give them their food at the proper time? Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes.

Matthew 24: 45, 46


Serving may seem like one of life’s easiest tasks. But just talk with people who really do it for any lengthy period of time, and they usually give a different perspective on it all. It seems that serving can be very taxing. At times it is tedious and repetitive, and on other days the requirements of the service become physically and emotionally draining. This is not a role that is suitable for the inattentive or for people who have no eye for detail. Although servants are generally at the bottom of the pay scale, they may encounter responsibilities and decisions that have life or death importance and impact.


In other words, this is not an occupation for he faint hearted and the weak spirited. It is not such a good career choice for me and it is not one for most people, either. Yet, God’s Word tells us that we should follow Jesus. We are instructed and guided to model our lives after the example that He set for us, and Jesus was truly a servant. Based upon that sort of advice giving, I might infer that God is a very poor guidance counselor. If He is telling me to enter into a life’s work of service, then He must be reading the test results incorrectly or He might have been thinking of the wrong person at that moment. Yet, the God that I know, the King of Glory, is fully in touch with this world, and He knows me to a depth and in a manner that exceeds all of my comprehension.


In these times that came after humanity’s rebellion against God and His original design for Creation, God set forth an order, a plan, and a system of governance in this world that grants to people a very important role. We are to live in intimate relationship with God and He is committed to granting to us all that we need to live righteously and lovingly in and on this hostile terrain. Christ has shown us the way, and He has given us His Spirit to continuously guide and strengthen our journey. Now God employs and commissions each of His people to care for the pasture that is this world. He directs us to feed the sheep of that pasture on the pure grass of His truth and love. Every one of us is also directed to seek out and to pursue the too numerous lost ones of our world with a passion and a focus that is like Christ’s. Thus as we make this service our life’s work, our Lord tells us that He will be greatly pleased and blessing will pour out upon our hearts.