The end of all things is at hand; therefore, be self-controlled and sober-minded.

1 Peter 4: 7


Life is serious business. There are challenges, struggles, and obstacles to joy in the each of our days. This is that part of history that God has told all of His children about, for this is the part where evil starts working doubly hard at causing pain and trying to convince people that God is not in control. Satan and his followers become like those last flies of summer that are so annoying when the weather starts to turn cold. They buzz around your head, and you keep wishing that the frost would come to finish them off. Well, the finishing off of Satan is near, and he is fighting his last desperate battle.


In order to be prepared, to face the unknown fight that will face each of us, God wants us to be thinking clearly. He says that we will need to keep our emotions in control, not be unemotional or cold, but we need to maintain a sane perspective when life turns sideways like an out of control truck. Anger, rage, fear, frustration and all of the powerful feelings that wrong brings out work to slow our ability to react with clarity of judgment; for, they make it difficult to keep our hearts centered in Christ’s love. These feelings can motivate us to action, but they can also become tools that Satan uses to decrease our effectiveness as servants of the Lord.


We also need to get ourselves ready for each day. In God’s Word we are told to prepare for it with as much diligence as we would for the most important business meeting of our lives, the final exam of our educational career, or the national championship game. God wants us to face the adversity of life, to look the adversary squarely in the face and not be concerned about our preparation. There should be no spots or wrinkles on our shirt, hair perfectly in place, and our minds sharpened with God’s thoughts and our hearts strong. This condition, this level of preparedness is achieved through prayer, through study of God’s Word, and through the interaction of the Holy Spirit. It can be ours always. Christ will give us the insight, the wisdom, the strength, the focus, and the love that our daily battles demand. In order to be ready to combat these end times foes we need to direct our hearts toward Christ every day and in all situations throughout each of these days.