Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and forevermore!

From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised!

Psalm 113: 2, 3


This week that leads to Easter is usually a rather somber and reflective one for the Christian world. Quite rightly we look at the cross and the terrible way that Jesus was handled by all elements of His society during the hours of His arrest, trials, and torture. We see the agony of isolation, the grinding hurt of betrayal and abandonment, injustice and cruelty played out on His body and His mind, and that final agonizing execution. Of course we look beyond the events of Friday to the glory of Resurrection Sunday, but it is still hard to look beyond the rest of the week.


However, I think that it might be helpful to consider the reason that the crowds and Jesus were in Jerusalem at that time. It was Passover. This was a season of celebration, and one of remembrance of that time when God caused death to become life and when slavery was turned into freedom. The God of Passover is worthy of praise. He is the one who saves His people from all that holds us captive. The Lord calls us to join Him in the feast that is set out at His table of grace; yet, He requires nothing of us for the sacrificial price has already been paid.


So, I would like to set out the idea that this can be a week of great celebration. The festive, colorful elements of spring that we display are appropriate for the entire time. Joyous and celebratory words of praise can fill our hearts and spill out from our lips in adoration of our great God! For the Christian world, this is truly our season of Passover, for Jesus stepped into our rightful place as condemned sinner. It is His blood that marks the door to our hearts with a seal of salvation. Praise the Lord from the first waking breath of the day until weariness has gained its hold on us at day’s end. Let each moment be a living expression of that praise.