The Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed.

2 Timothy 4: 17


When you feel weak in the knees, look around and see the glory of the Lord in all of His creation. If the task seems too big for even an entire cast of Superheroes, stretch out your hand in faith and in trust, for the King will send His host of angelic and human warriors to aid in the cause. Should you find yourself in a situation where God seems to be asking the impossible of you, look at the cross, and allow Christ to redefine possibility.


It is truly amazing how God chooses to work through flawed vessels such as myself, but He does do this, and He has been doing it from the beginning of mankind’s story on this earth. It is mysterious yet grand that Christ, perfection in flesh, came out of the splendor of heaven to live as one of us. He didn’t just live among us in the manner of a lord visiting the rougher districts of the kingdom; rather, Christ became fully human so that He felt as we do and suffered like we do; He even died painfully at the hands of people. Still, my Lord remained the unblemished and victorious ruler of the universe, and sin and death no longer hold dominion here.


God has granted to us His own continual presence in the Spirit of Christ. He is in us and in our world in a way that is total and completely involved. There is no place on this earth that the Lord does not claim as His own territory. So, when He sends us there, the Lord is close by our side. As we engage the daily struggle, He is already holding our hands aloft in celebration of His victory. Jesus has done it all before us; yet, He still wants us to trust Him enough to take steps into places that are dimly lit and unknown to our hearts. He wants us to have enough faith to look into the mouth of the dragon without counting the teeth, speak up boldly of the love of Christ that saves the lost, and rejoice as He transforms the horror of sin into the beautiful child that was His creation plan.