Oh that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears,

that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughters of my people!

Jeremiah 9: 1


The tracks of his tears stain the cheeks of the prophet as his sorrow and mourning pour out onto the dust that has gathered on his face from the miles of traveling the hard road that God has sent him along. Jeremiah feels what God experiences. Our rebellion and refusal to follow His Word are painful to God. But His pain is not the frustration of a ruler whose orders are disobeyed. Rather, God’s grief is the deeply felt response of a loving father who sees His child choosing the hard path through life. The pain is as real today as it was on the day that Jesus felt it in His flesh on the cross as He took all of our deserved separation from the Father upon His body and spirit.


Jeremiah would find that there is much to weep about in our world today. It would seem that we have not gained any real ground in living righteously with the passage of centuries. We murder our unborn children with ease, and our governments wage war with frightening skill and with an easy indifference to the cost that is paid in the blood of God-image bearers. Our society redefines sacred relationships and holds covenant as something quaint and archaic as we set aside the scrolls of its writing as relics that are suitable for display in a museum where their truths are dismissed as useless ideas from a darker time in history. Yet, it would appear that the clouds of darkness with its horror of death are rising around our feet.


Yes, I think that Jeremiah would be weeping even harder today, for I am certain that God is grieved greatly by the condition of our hearts and the separation from Him of too many souls. So, it is fitting and right for us to weep and to express the pain that our world is causing in God’s Kingdom. However, Jeremiah was a man who God called to action in the face of the condition of the world where he lived. Likewise, we can grieve, but we can not remain silent. We should pray for deliverance for our world and for direction for our steps, but we must respond as Christ calls us to action and as His Spirit leads us onward. This is a world that needs people who speak eternal truth with faces that reveal our deep sorrow and with voices that echo the love and grace of our merciful and compassionate Father.