Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

1 Timothy 6: 12


Every day numerous battles that we can choose to engage come our way; still, others envelop us without our permission. Sometimes the conflict is truly spiritual, it is a fight against evil and its attempts to destroy what is good in this world. Other conflicts are in the category of battles of the spirit; these are times when we are not getting what we want in life and we attempt to use the force of our own wills to accomplish the outcome. In the abstract dimension of the written word, there is an obvious distinction between a righteous fight and a self-serving one, but when we look at these distinctions from inside of our daily lives, these differences are a lot harder to discern.


The Lord is a truly wise and experienced commander of combat troops. He asks that we give every ounce of ourselves to fight against the darkness of sin that desires to hold all people captive. He sends us into conflict after conflict; some are small and rather easily resolved, while others are fights to the death. Yet, the Lord never wastes his resources, and He never sacrifices His soldiers needlessly. His perspective on the field of battle is established from the highest view possible so His eye is always clear, and He knows all of the moves in the game before the first blows are struck.


Our role in these events is to be faithful and humble followers. We are called upon to be willing to allow Christ to direct our actions and to give us discernment regarding what is truly His fight. The Lord wants us to look at our lives, especially at the spiritual struggles of our lives, with a view toward His eternal game plan. He wants us to ask Him if what we are about to do or what we are already in the middle of fits into God’s desired outcome of restoration of the souls of all people to Him. If what we are doing, how we are doing it, and our motives for doing it do not work toward this end result, then are they truly actions that are motivated by service to Christ? God will send us into the fight, He will train us for it, and He will provide the support that we need. However, Christ also wants us to trust Him to send us into the right battles. He wants us to rely on His Spirit to guide and His love to motivate us. The Lord will send us into the good fight, and He does lead us in the holy and righteous fight that is waged every day for eternity’s sake.