O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent?

Who shall dwell in your holy hill?

He who walks blamelessly and does what is right

And speaks truth in his heart.

Psalm 15: 1, 2


What does the voice of a heart sound like? If you are listening through a stethoscope, you will hear the lub dub rhythmic sound of the muscle as in contracts and relaxes. From the world of film and television we have all seen the electronic track and heard the beeping sound of a heart monitor. Somehow, I don’t think that David was thinking in terms of this type of voice. The heart that he was considering speaks with considerably more eloquence, with greater variety, and expresses a wide range of emotion. As it is the essential core of who we truly are, the heart that God is interested in beats at the very center of our being; The heart that God desires is the organ that pumps the life blood of our spirits through our bodies and governs how we view and deal with the world. This is especially true in regards to the way we deal with people. The Lord surrounds Himself with people whose hearts are pure, blameless and truthful.


Unfortunately, those requirements for entry into God’s tent exclude me and everyone else that I know. But, there is a clause, an exemption, a way in. There has been only one man who ever lived on earth who met the entrance requirements, He is Jesus. The Lord says that when we have accepted Jesus into our hearts, God, the Father, immediately starts to view us exactly as he views His Son, as blameless and true. Our diseased and sin damaged hearts are started down a road of recovery and of restoration. We are welcome to dwell with God, to stay in his presence and to put our feet on His holy ground.


So the Lord calls us to bring our hearts to Him for healing, for Christ wants our company in His home. Then, Christ’s Spirit wants to walk with us through life so that we can live well in front of Him and other people; so then, our hearts can shout truth. I think that David’s point is that our actions speak volumes about the condition of our hearts, and the condition of the heart is governed by how close we are to Christ. The key to a healthy heart is to stay close to God so that the rhythm of our hearts will become aligned to the beat of His heart.