Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

Matthew 5:4


Jesus is speaking specifically about deep feelings of mourning; that is, knowing profound sadness and regret at the losses that are experienced in life. These are powerful feelings, and the sin that devastates the lives of everyone in this world is one of the things that brings them to God’s heart, and He says that we should feel them, too. Jesus is talking about our own personal sin, forgiven through Him; also, this is a comment on the sin of others that we meet, and about the sin that exists universally in the world.


The destructiveness and the pain that sin brings into our lives and into the lives of others is something that Christ knows well. It is an affront to Him and to His purpose for surrendering His place in heaven in order to live with us in the same form of being that we humans know. Still, it was this same sin that caused the Father to give us His Son so that it could be defeated, and we could be restored to the full relationship with God that was His desire and intention from Creation. The sin that is in ourselves, in others, and in this world is something that should cause a deep sadness and a great anger to rise up in each of us. We should not be comfortable with its existence or with its continued presence.


Christ tells us to face into the sin. First He wants us to look closely and critically at our own lives and allow His Spirit to direct us in turning the damaged and the broken places that we find there over to Him. The Lord also wants us to keep the eyes of our hearts open to the sin that is infecting our community, and He wants us to enter into the lives of those who are sinning. As we engage in relationship with others, Christ wants to lead us into loving them so deeply that we must take on the hard task of speaking righteousness and truth to them. As we do this, there is a promise that comes from God, Himself; for, like crocus that emerge from the winter snow, Christ brings restorative peace out of the sadness and the mourning.