Jesus said, “I can do nothing on my own initiative, as I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just, because I do not seek my own will, but the will of Him who sent me.”

John 5: 30


Here is one of my real personal challenges; I believe that God has equipped me to make decisions and to handle issues in life; so, I can so very easily get into an action oriented, just get it done mind set that moves to conclusion regarding what needs to take place without taking the time to consider what God would desire me to do. Also, the actions that I take are not usually the biggest issue; rather, the way that I deal with people is what makes the difference in the way that I either do glorify Christ or not.


If Jesus needed to obtain the Father’s will when He was considering how to┬áhandle people, why should I think that I don’t need to do the same? If I care enough about someone, care enough to want to interact with that person in a loving, concerned, and relationship building manner, why wouldn’t I also want to allow God’s wisdom to guide me?


Perhaps the most important aspect of the resourcefulness and the decision-making ability that God has designed into people is our capacity to access Him. We are given the gift of our ability to seek out His way of responding to life; so, we can lay the issues and the challenges that we are facing before God and let Him talk to us about them. We can choose to follow Jesus and let God be the initiator of our actions, allow His judgment to prevail in our actions, and set aside our own desired outcomes in order to achieve a truly righteous one.