Why should the nations say,

“Where is their God?”

Our God is in the heavens;

He does all that He pleases.

Psalm 115: 2. 3


There is a rather well known country song with these lyrics,

“I was looking for love in all the wrong places.

Looking for love in too many faces.”

This is what many of us do, usually without the smoky barroom atmosphere. We give our love, affection, loyalty, and devoted worship to people and to objects that can’t return to us what we are truly seeking. We want relationship, and we desire lasting community. Yet, we receive false promises and engage in a series of spiritual one-night stands.


This happens as we search the shelves of stores and when we shop on-line. It is at play when we look to marriage or divorce or the birth of children or their departure from the home as the event that will make us whole. Whatever it is that we believe will bring us to the place of knowing our worth and of being fulfilled in this life, all of it is futile and every one of these things is nothing more than a mute, deaf, senseless, and voiceless idol without Christ. Yet, in Christ, all of life is transformed.


There is only one God, and He does not reside in stores or even in our deepest of human relationships. This can be hard to comprehend in that God may not seem to be as tangible as a diamond ring or a loving spouse. Yet, He is very much here and completely present now. His Spirit dwells in each of us who know Christ. As we bring our praise and our worship to Him, we come to know Him and His love and righteousness with ever increasing depth and clarity. Our one true God absolutely does as He pleases, and His pleasure is at its greatest when we commit and dedicate our lives as continuous expressions of worship to our Lord.