I rejoice at your word,

like one who finds great spoil.

Psalm 119:162


God speaks about everything that happens and about every decision that we will need to make in this life. He also provides guidance through it all. In doing this the Lord is very clear about who He is and about how He wants people to live, for He doesn’t want us to be left guessing. He wants us to know His heart and to know who we truly are Him.


As children of God we have joined into a relationship with the Creator, the Father. We have come into that relationship through knowing Jesus intimately. Then, we are given an interactive involvement with the Holy Spirit so that all of the mysteries of eternity, of God, and of this life have a source of explanation. We are granted the great gift of the continual and unending presence of Christ in our lives.


God speaks to us through his written word as found in the Bible; He also speaks to our hearts through the voice of The Holy Spirit, and He provides us with his flesh and blood agents by way of people in our lives who also know and serve Him. God’s Word is dynamic, solid as granite, and always available. The Lord tells us to rejoice in it, to have an attitude of total delight in the connection that we have to our Creator through His all-enveloping word. As we go through life, we are to follow God’s map to this great wealth, the enormous storehouse of treasure, that is His gift which is ours for the taking.