I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in the blessings.

1 Corinthians 9: 23


Sharing is one of the hardest things for young children to learn. The basic nature that people are born with wants to acquire and does not want to let go. There is something in us that seems to believe that we will never have enough, and this thought is fueled by the sense that if we don’t keep everything to ourselves, we will somehow be diminished. One of the marks of growing, of maturing, and of becoming more outwardly, thus other, focused is the ability to share.


In this verse, Paul is speaking from a very mature perspective. He has grown enormously in the few years that he has known Jesus as the Lord has changed Paul’s orientation and focus entirely. He has turned around from serving a self-determined and human-devised┬áconcept of God that set Paul up as the center of his universe to one of serving Christ, thus, he was now serving the true needs of the souls of people.


One of the most beautiful aspects of God is that He is selfless. He sacrificed Himself for our sakes, and He completely gives Himself to us despite the ways that we treat Him back. Our highest calling as people who know Christ is to do the same. There is, in fact, an element of selfishness mixed with fear and lack of trust that causes Christians to hold onto the knowledge of the love of God and to not willingly share this life altering truth with others. Our calling, in Christ, is to live lovingly, love openly, and to do it all so that the people in our circle of contact have an opportunity to come to know the One who truly changes people’s lives. In Christ, maturity is not measured so much in years; it is demonstrated by an openness to trust God to work through us.