His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us to His own glory and excellence.

2 Peter 1: 3


God is remarkably open-handed. He holds back nothing from His people. It seems that this is true as God has no need to conserve or to portion out or to withhold any of His gifts. The Lord truly has all of the power and every bit of the resource that might ever be required to engage with life in this world. There is nothing that is beyond His capability, and no aspect of our lives is outside of God’s interest. For what God created, He cares about and takes care of.


As God does these acts of care He does not focus on changing the situation that we are in or the nature of the world where we live. Rather, He actually calls His people out of the world where we were born and into a new place of dwelling. Christ lifts us out of a state of perpetual servitude to sin and calls us into residency in God’s kingdom of glory. Christ works in His people to bring about fundamental change in the way that we view life, and He grants to us the ability, through His grace and strength, to overcome everything that binds us to the past.


For most of us embracing this change is a process. We become new beings in Christ in that remarkable and mystical moment of repentance and acceptance, but much of who we are continues to cling to the old life with its subordination to the world. Peter is sharing with us a great truth that he learned through difficult and painful experience. For, like with Peter, Christ relentlessly and continually calls to us; yet, it is up to each of us to respond. Christ makes God visible and known to us; however, we need to listen and to accept the learning. Our Lord calls to us to surrender more and more of ourselves to His truth, and as we do this we can settle more fully into the Kingdom of God with its complete and glorious peace.