You will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.

Deuteronomy 4: 29


Where do I find you, God?

What does your face look like?

If I call will you answer, or will you tell me to go away and never bother you again?

The days can be filled with questions; the hours cluttered with the act of seeking answers; and a lifetime can be consumed in the pursuit.


I find God in all the usual places; in church buildings and in prayer groups, in books written about Him and in the books of the Bible, in friends and family, and in the beauty of the created world. God speaks and reveals Himself through every imaginable means. He also appears in the strangest of locations; in the face of a poor child from the slums of Manila, in the actions of characters portrayed by openly non-Christian actors working in truly secular films, in the simple love expressed by a friend or a spouse that remains strong despite my unloveliness, and through the response of my heart to hurt and disappointment in life.


The Lord is in everything, and He is involved with all that we do. Whether I am touched by traditional hymns or by the power of rock music, God can be found in its harmonics and resonance. If I am with people who are gathered in a cathedral crafted from massive stone or sitting on the floor in a suburban home or in a coffee shop or a farm field, God’s face is looking on those who are there.


Location and time of day are of no consequence to Him. The only real reason that I struggle to find Him is found in me; the only thing that God requires from me in order that He show Himself to me is my attitude in the search. If I turn my heart and my soul toward Him, He will be there, for as I open myself to God’s truth, my heart and my soul become receptive to His love that is already living there.