Speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him, who is the head, even Christ.

Ephesians 4: 15


There is something remarkable about the tension that the thought of speaking the truth and of doing so in love sets up. Although speaking boldly and clearly to others in order to share how we view truth in various situations may be hard to do for many of us, once convinced that we need to do this we can usually get it out and get it said with some real power and energy. In those situations the in love part can get buried under the weight of my personal view of truth. On the other hand, it is also totally possible to allow the desire to be loving to others to suppress the need to speak hard truths. Neither of these approaches is honest and neither is loving.


The ability to do as Paul directs us here is the result of maturing in our relationship with Christ. This comes about because we have been transformed from our old, dead in our spirits selves into the eternally alive beings that we become in Christ. Through the work of Christ we have become fully and completely changed from the very center of our beings outward, and we now live in a current world expression of the eternity that we call heaven. We are called upon by God to move ever deeper into Christ, to continue to set aside the remnants of our old selves as the Spirit reveals them to us, and to embrace the life that we are called to live and the community of believers that are living here with us.


This life is our present day experience of heaven, and in that life, we do have the ability to accomplish this hard thing of speaking out the truth of God’s word while not failing to love the receivers of it with the totality of love that comes only from Christ. It is through the exercise of doing what the Lord calls us to do regardless of how hard it may be to do that action that we gain strength and confidence, and it is through this process that our trust of Christ becomes greater. Christ does not compromise His truth and He does not stop loving totally. Also, He does not fail to take us through these hard conversations. When we choose to follow Christ and engage in speaking His truth in love, we are bringing the glory of heaven into the lives of people who are living in the broken reality of this world.