Come, house of Jacob, and let us walk in the light of the Lord.

Isaiah 2: 5


God created the light; as, it was essential for the new world that His hands had made. It brought warmth, it brought the growth/rest cycles that every living thing needs, and it provided the primary source of energy. Yet the sun was by far the lesser light in the world, for God’s presence brought light to the souls of people.


The ability to respond to the illumination of the Spirit that leads people to seek truth is what sets humans apart from all the rest of creation. God implanted into people a desire to love and to be loved, to live at a level that is above that of the rest of the animals, and to have an intimate relationship with our Creator. The Lord has continually remained among us; as, He has always stayed connected to us here while we walk through this life. God designed the world to be a place where peace, justice, compassion, understanding, and graciousness were the rule of living, and He gave us the truth of His love to guide us in our interactions. If we desire to follow the Lord and to live inside of His will, these are the qualities that we need to seek. Also, these are the characteristics that we need to show to the people around us.


God gave light of the sun to this world so that we could find our way through it, and He gave us the light of His Spirit to make right living the bright and the desirable path to follow. This new life in Christ is the gift that is wrapped with the shinny ribbon and the beautiful paper; we need to open our hearts to see it clearly. As we open this gift from God and live in His light, the qualities that grow in us will bring life changing warmth to our world.