Every boot of the booted warrior in the battle tumult, and cloak rolled in blood, will be for burning, fuel for the fire.

Isaiah 9:5

How many ways do we have of preparing for battle? As a nation we spend enormous sums of money on designing, making, and maintaining weapons and other equipment that are deemed as essential to achieve a position of superiority in our world. When this expenditure is added to that of the other nations of the world and the cost of hiring, caring for, and training the vast numbers of people that are involved in these endeavors is considered, the true expense of this effort is staggering. In our own lives we spend considerable amounts of time, energy, and our resources on getting ready to fight our way through each day.

We may be fighting to make a living or to just stay alive. We go to battle with people who seem set on doing us harm and sometimes we fight our fiercest battles with those who we love. Additionally, all of God’s children need to engage in a daily fight against the forces of evil that fill this world. Yet, God’s intent is to make all of the tools, weapons, and tactics of war obsolete. Christ came into our world to provide the only answer that anyone needs to the anger, hostility, and fear that drives us to fight against others. He comes to us and shows us the value and the worth that were created into each individual in this world, and Christ leads us into loving each of them more deeply than any of us could ever imagine on our own.

As I seek Christ’s will and come to understand His heart of love for others more clearly, I am led to stop preparing for a battle each day and to start preparing to wage a campaign of peace. The Spirit of Christ speaks to my heart and challenges me to stop putting on the armor of battle and to take my cherished weapons and throw it all onto the consuming fire of His loving grace and mercy. Instead of striking blows of conquest, My Lord wants me to bring the embrace of His peace to the battle weary souls of this world.