To Him all the prophets bear witness that everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His name.

Acts 10: 43


For me one of the most compelling facts about the Christian faith is its absolute truths. God speaks to us of those things that he considers to be non negotiable. Among these bed rock solid, foundational facts, there is none more important than the one contained in these words of Luke. This truth is what every prophet of God was telling us; in all of their stories about events and miraculous happenings, in their telling of calamity and redemption, they point to the final Redeemer. All of these great people who God selected, commissioned, and directed to tell their worlds about the need to live righteously, were even more so directed to show us our need.


The Lord’s message for us is one of universal need. There is no one who is born into this world who does not have it; for, it is the singular birthright of each and every person. We are all born naked and crying out, and we are all born with hearts that are shut off from intimacy with God. There is a sure, absolute, and singular way to gain that profound relationship with God and that is through believing in Jesus and by accepting Him as Lord. This is accomplished when we agree to let Him save us from the eternal certainty of separation from God.


The most striking thing about this universal truth is that it is clearly intended for everyone; there are no exceptions, and no one is left out. God wants everyone to be close to Him, and He wants everyone to have all of the secrets to living fully and well and to living for all of eternity with Him. That brings me to my part in this story. I am not a prophet, just a person. I am certainly not perfect at living righteously; yet, the Lord wants me to share this truth. His truths are most compelling to people who don’t yet know Him when they are spoken by us. Each of us has a story to tell to those that we meet during the day. Each of us has a life to live that can demonstrate Christ’s loving will to others. Since God has left absolutely no one out of His salvation plan, we don’t get to choose the people that we should share it with. Since it is God’s will that everyone should come to know Jesus, we must tell all. We can tell through our words and we must tell through our actions, and Christ will speak His truth through us to everyone that we do tell.