For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.

Romans 8: 19


It is hard to wait for Christmas. There are so many joys and pleasures to anticipate that time can seem to stop in place as the days of December roll past on the calendar. We look forward to family gathering, greetings exchanged, and comfortable good meals prepared and eaten in an environment that invites taking our time and a schedule set aside for a day. We shop for special gifts that hand the receiver the blessing of a picture of the heart of the giver, and we anticipate opening gifts that are wrapped in love. The December air crackles with the sort of magic that C. S. Lewis spoke about in his Tales of Narnia. This real magic is found in the presence of Christ in the land as He grants perspective to the season and brings all into clear focus.


Although we humans may think that we have the market on Christmas anticipation cornered, that we own it in its entirety; that is simply not true. Our entire world has undergone the pain and the loss that is the negative blessing, the curse, of sin. Evil is more real than even the most aware of us can consider. It rages in the storm, and its icy flow seeps into the minute cracks of our hearts in order to erode our spirits from within. God’s original creation had no storm and knew no destruction and loss. So, it is this state of deep and unremitting peace that even the rocks and the seas desire. All of Creation is waiting for Christ to return and to put it all right again with a sort of tingle of anticipation that is like a groom at the altar or a child on Christmas morning.


At this time we all continue to wait for Christmas. We live in the presence of the unresolved tension that uncertainty brings; yet, we also dwell in the presence of God’s promised and delivered certainty. Christ is the answer to every question that we and the rest of creation utter. Although we await the total healing that His return will bring about, we are, in fact, healed by His presence in our lives. So, as Christ transforms every person who calls upon Him from being sons of the world into being true and fully vested sons of God, we are called by Christ to serve His Kingdom by bringing healing to our world. Where there is destruction, we can bring repair. As there is loss, we can comfort. In a land that is filled with sorrow and pain, we can bring the hope that is Christmas.