The Lord God has given me the tongue of one who is taught, that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary.

Morning by morning He awakens; He awakens my ear to hear as those who are taught.

Isaiah 50: 4


The prophet is not bragging. He is stating a fact, and this fact is an important one as he goes about living. For his job in this world is to speak God’s truth in all settings, situations, and context. Isaiah was chosen by God to bring the Lord’s message of judgment and that of the hope of salvation to people. So, God instructed Isaiah and gave him understanding of eternal truth. The Prophet was equipped for the task of his calling, and he was commissioned by God to go out and do it.


There are a couple of things that strike me about all of this. The first is that God’s love and grace are deep and very great in that He would send a man with such gifting and equipping to speak when people had been ignoring God’s own voice for such a long time. It was as if God, Himself, were reaching out from heaven to interact with and to walk among His wayward and lost people. Also, it is interesting to me that God is specifically reaching out to those who are weary. The Lord knows us well beyond even our own understandings. He counts the beats of our hearts, and He comprehends the fear, anxiety, and exhaustion of our souls. So, He brings the living testimony of His Word to sooth and to strengthen us as we go about life.


God also walks with us, For Christ came, lived, was crucified and is risen. So, the Holy Spirit of Christ is now among us and is dwelling in us. We are the ones who are comforted by the Living Word that is Christ. Also, we are the sent ones of Christ who are called to be awakened morning by morning to hear the truth and the wisdom that God gives to His people. As Christ comforts us we are to comfort others. As He brings the wisdom of His Word to light for us, we are called to illuminate it for others through the orientation of our hearts, the actions of our lives, and courageous words that speak eternity to the weary souls who dwell in our troubled times.