Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

2 Corinthians 5: 17


I have already spent a lifetime walking this planet in this skin. My identity has been defined by the way that this person thinks and talks and behaves, by the way that this person is. Thus, it is really hard to simply stop being that other person. He doesn’t really want to cease to exist; yet, he actually has no choice, for I did make one for me. The choice to follow Christ is irrevocable, and I wouldn’t want to change it if I could. Following Jesus and all that is encompassed in doing this is the most rational and the best thing that I have ever done. Setting aside my fear of change and my tenacious desire to hang onto certain behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to my relationships with others and to my growth in righteousness is the most important thing that I can do today.


When the struggle between the comfort of the old ways of living and trusting Christ with taking me in a new one is going on, I find that it is useful to look at Jesus and at the new life that He has called me into. As I look at the contrast between the new life and the one that I lived before I knew him, the difference is so stark that I would never consider wanting to go back; so, why hold onto old ways? That is not reasoned or rational thinking. If my fear is that I will be nothing if I give up what I have known before; then, I need to look at Christ’s commitment to me. He says that my former, dead-souled self is gone and that my new, redeemed by Christ self has already come. God never takes away something from us that he doesn’t replace with something much greater. He always gives us more than He asks us to surrender, and everything that He gives to us is of the most superior quality possible.


Every day in Christ is a fresh opportunity to claim more of the newness that He has given to us. Every day the Lord provides us with the ability to set aside another piece of our old dead selves and to start living as the renewed person that Christ’s love has made of us. Claiming and assimilating the change is a personal decision. It is carried out through prayer, by purposefully setting our minds on how God wants us to live today, and with the intent to trust Christ absolutely in all that we encounter. In the end, it is way too simple; for, we need to allow the Lord to take us through our day living as the new person that we have already become.