Encourage the exhausted, strengthen the feeble.

Isaiah 35: 3


The water is rough and the shore is far away; the darkness is oppressive, and coldness has soaked the soul. This is a picture of exhaustion. In these times life is relentless and nothing provides relief; everything is hard to accomplish, even the most familiar task is too intricate to understand. This is a picture of people who were once strong, now weak; once mighty and confident, now feeble. Time and process and frustration and defeat come to influence us all; for, no one is spared from their inevitability. None of us remain strong forever or in all ways.


The Lord has promised to stay with us through everything that comes. As the breath seems to be leaving us, He breathes in new life. As the muscles tie into useless knots, He takes us on his back and swims us to shore. So, as Christ does, he calls upon His people to do. Christ was quick and ready to step into the lives of people, and He was willing to go to the least desirable in society, and He would reach out to touch the most unclean. How can we who know Him and who have been saved by His blood do less?


We are to be the ones who cheer on our worry worn brothers and sisters. We are to be the ones who lift up the load of life when its weight becomes too much to handle. None of us can make it through this life alone; all of us need help and assistance; and everyone needs to be a helper. The Lord tells us that we are to accept support when we need it, and we are to be strong when others are weak. Christ wants each of us to open our hearts to the weariness of others. He wants each of us to be receptive to the life struggles around us. A warm smile, an encouraging word, an ear that hears, a genuine offer of help; these are among the ways that we become the face of Jesus that brings light out of darkness to the people around us.