They shall not hunger or thirst, neither scorching wind nor sun shall strike them,

for He who has pity on them will lead them, and by springs of water will guide them.

Isaiah 49: 10


This is hard to admit, but I have an issue with food. I eat far too many things that are neither good for my health nor are they eaten for good and worthwhile reasons. If the truth be told, I love to eat foods that contain serious amounts of sugar, and I adore baked goods like pies, cakes, pastry, and bread. Provide me with some ice cream to top it off, and that is a personal view of heaven. Unfortunately, this all gets down to issues of discipline and matters of will for me. Although I can eat all of this for I am not under doctor’s orders to stop, they are the sorts of things that add weight around the middle and that do other negative things to my body’s chemistry.


So, after another day of craving the sweet stuff and of searching for it on several occasions, then giving in to that large slice of pie with the ice cream topper; in frustration I asked God to talk with me about all of this. His response to me was to ask me to share with Him my reasons and motivations. The Lord knows that my mind traverses an analytical path. The results of that process led me to see that my greatest times of weakness, the moments when my resolve is likely to fail, are those when I am physically tires and emotionally drained, when my spirit is weary and my heart is heavy, and when my personal resources are at their low point. In other words, to borrow from Paul, I eat the things that I do not want to eat, I can’t honestly say that I hate them, but the point is similar. For me, this thought changes a great deal of how to approach this issue and others that are like it in nature.


God is saying to me that I am looking in the wrong pantry to find a filling for my body, mind, and spirit. He reminds me of the eternal truth of His Word wherein all that sustains me is to be found. Christ says to my troubled mind that He will give me all of the strength that I could ever need and that He desires to lead me along the way of using it for the sake of His righteousness. At times of craving for the sweet treats of this world, Christ calls me to join Him in Eucharistic feast, to kneel down in His presence and allow the ministry of His Spirit to bring peace and contentment to my day. Christ tells me the honest truth when He says to me that I can come to Him when I am worn out and beaten down, that I have Him to turn to for wise counsel when life has drained my heart of endurance, and to empty myself of my own strength and dwell in His. Christ is my good shepherd who never fails to feed me what I actually need.