Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever.

Hebrews 13: 8


In an uncertain time in the ever swirling history of the world, what is there that is absolutely, undeniably, and permanently unchanged and unchanging? Leaders of nations are in power for only a moment, and their thoughts, ideas, and actions tend to change over time as they are influenced by events and by people. No nation has continued throughout all of time, and every one of them that has long-standing changed greatly during its days. Today’s wondrous building is tomorrow’s tourist curiosity. There is nothing that people create that does not eventually crumble.


Still, the hearts of people are made to seek out and to desire someplace to anchor, some solid platform to stand on; one real and tangible place to put our feet that will not shift and tumble during the storm. Unfortunately, so many of the promises of security that we grab hold of are nothing more than illusions. They are momentary and terribly disappointing when they fail, and they can lead us away from the truth and the stability that are found in Christ.


God’s promise to all people is straight forward and clear. He tells us to accept the safe harbor that is found in Jesus, hold onto Him, let Christ’s Spirit lead the way through life, and you will have the kind of certainty that your soul craves. As we stay connected to Jesus, the swirling chaos that is so much a part of the world around us becomes less disorienting, for we are standing on a platform that has not moved through all of history. Christ is the one that will not be shaken and will never change or disappoint us.