Does not wisdom call?

Does not understanding raise her voice?

Proverbs 8: 1


Here are two really good questions to be asking these days. For there are so many days where it is hard to find a single utterance of a wise voice or to hear ideas expressed that come close to resembling ones that understand God’s righteous truth. Politicians and business leaders and even some of the people who advise us on matters of faith are speaking in angry terms, are compromising integrity for gain, and are deceiving us with false promises that they have neither the intention nor the ability to fulfill. It is easy to become discouraged. Many do give up on the idea that they can and should continue to try to make a difference in our world. Yet, Christ called us to Him for that very purpose.


I, wisdom, dwell with prudence,

and I find knowledge and discretion.

The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Proverbs 8: 12, 13


Perhaps the real issue is the voices that we are tuning in? Instead of reading and focusing on the words of public figures and on those of their detractors, we might better study God’s Word. It may be that we will find a better and a more informative dialogue on these important matters of our day among others in our community of faith than we do in the public forum and the news. God grants wisdom to His people. He gives us the ability to sift through the debris field of data and information that litters our daily path so that we can walk in the light of righteousness. The Holy Spirit walks with us to guide our steps along the often perilous trail of life with Godly knowledge of truth and with the capacity to make wise decisions and the courage to act in a manner that is worthy of Christ and that brings glory to His name.


The Lord possessed me at the beginning of His work,

the first of His acts of old. Proverbs 8: 22


God created us to live in relationship with Him, and He has provided wise council and guidance for people since those earliest days. The Lord has never failed to lay down His path of wisdom for us to follow. That is why it is foolish to seek the answers that we need from any other source. Christ is leading us to be engaged with our world and to be sources of truthful and reasonable discourse in the midst of the anger, chaos, and deception that seem to rule the day. Christ wants His people to be the light that leads the lost to His salvation, and it is Godly wisdom that grants us the perspective that is needed to bring Christ to center of all that we say and do.


And now, O sons, listen to me:

blessed are those who keep my ways. Proverbs 8: 32