I sought the Lord, and He answered me

and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34: 4


Seeking is something that most people do frequently. Seeking is an act of engaged pursuit. It involves a goal, an objective, and a plan for making it happen. When we go shopping, that is a form of seeking. The more costly the objective of that hunt, the greater our investment in the process of seeking usually becomes. As an example, when we are seeking a carton of milk, the process is simple and direct; yet, when the goal is a new house to live in, planning and a careful and thorough search process become vital to success.


Life itself involves seeking. Early on we seek after food, nurture, love, and comfort. As people grow and develop, our needs become more complex, and our seeking gains in diversity. Along this way through life various voices begin to speak to us and to call to us to follow their lead and a wide array of forces attempt to exert their pull on our hearts and our minds. God has taken the risk of granting people the right and the ability to make choices in all areas of how we live; yet, He also stays fully engaged with our world and in our lives regardless of those decisions. It seems to me that God wants us to come to Him and to seek to know Him because we desire to be in a relationship with Him.


This world can be a frightening and a troubling place. Horror stories fill our ears and our eyes daily. Personal tragedy touches each and every one of us. Tough decisions are ours to make, and worry and concern are a part of the environment where we live. There is a brokenness to the fabric of our world that can consume and overwhelm our hearts, minds, and spirits. Yet, despite all of this; God is sovereign, loving, involved, engaged, and very present. He brings comfort to our pain and strength when we are depleted. The Lord grants us wisdom for all situations, and He provides us with perspective that takes us out of the momentary and grants us a view of the eternal. All that God asks of us is that we would trust Him enough to make Him the object of our seeking. In response He answers our quest and He removes all cause for fear.