He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.

1 Thessalonians 5: 24


When God calls to us, and, by the way, He always does, the Lord doesn’t just leave us alone to figure it all out. He always has a plan for how we can respond to Him and for what sort of support we will need in order to accomplish His mission in our life. Yet, I have discovered an interesting thing about the way that God works in my life in that His plan is not ridged. Therefore, He allows me to make choices and to reach decisions that are my own, and He still supports me in making them happen.


Taking action is more important than getting every detail perfectly right. Yet, moving forward is also much harder for me than planning and analysis. The Lord wants me to trust Him with taking care of the details as we go out into the great adventure of living for Him. God continually speaks to me; sometimes He whispers into the quiet of the night, at other times He shouts like the winds of a storm, and in some instances He speaks through other people. Still, His voice is a constant presence.


Christ’s call is not so much expressed in terms of “go there” or as “do that”; rather, He calls on me to seek righteousness, to draw near to Him, to love absolutely, and to serve the gospel of Jesus with all of my heart. Christ also tells me to let go of my hard but faltering grip on control of life. He reassures me that He is the actual doer of all that He calls upon me to accomplish. So, as I do these things, God promises that He will make His will my reality.