Lead me, O Lord, in Your truth and teach me,

For You are the God of my salvation;

For You I wait all the day.

Psalm 24: 5


Every thing that we do, and all that we encounter is a part of the process of following and of learning from God. There are no situations that we will ever encounter that He can not and will not use for these purposes. Even the fears and the concerns that are a natural part of how we people are wired have a role to play in the classroom of life that we occupy. The Lord uses them to lead my trembling hands and faltering heart away from the lies that they so quickly embrace into the truth of His eternal love and care.


There are real things to be concerned about, and it is within God’s expectations for us that we will have issues to deal with that raise serious anxieties and that are too big to face alone. There will be times of pain and loss that are too great to understand or to handle on our own. Yet, that is the point; for, our Lord wants to join us in all of these times. He does have a response for everything that we encounter. God wants us to turn to Him, to focus on His face of love, to listen to His voice of truth, and to open our hearts to His instruction. God’s will for His beloved children is for us to enter into His love and peace during each and every aspect of life.


Sometimes the Lord’s response comes in an instant, and sometimes the lesson is learned through a time of waiting. In some situations the Lord doesn’t provide understanding; He simply asks me to trust in who He is and rest in His eternal goodness. Yet, in and through it all, He is continually with me, and He always answers. In fact, the most important thing that I often get out of these situations is a greater understanding of the reality of God’s presence in my life. My faith waivers; still, He is consistent. My grip grows weary; yet, God is in control. Through all of life, the Lord is patient with my weakness; so, who else should I trust?