When Simon Peter saw that (the miraculous catch of fish), he fell down at Jesus’ feet, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!”

Luke 5: 8


This is just how God is. He enters into our lives in ways that simply make sense. In this case He had spoken a few words and an entire night of futility had turned into a record haul of fish. Yet, what had happened was also absolutely miraculous in that it had never happened before, was contrary to all of the laws of professional fishermen, and demonstrated a form of control over Creation that only God can possess. Finally, Peter responds to the presence of God in his life in a very real and vitally important way; for Peter recognizes his own sinful inadequacy, and this acknowledgement opens his heart to the transformational work of Christ.


The Lord walks into my life in this same manner. He brings answers to my needs and shows me the mighty love that He has for me by the fact that He does this despite the condition of my heart and the faithfulness of my mind. In fact, it seems that He often brings these miraculous moments into my view at times when I have simply gone off fishing on my own, and in so doing I have walked away from His will. Still, Christ is there, calling my name, preparing a feast for my tired soul, and expressing His desire for my return to Him.


Still, Peter’s response is appropriate. Like Peter, we all need to recognize and to express the sinfulness of our hearts. This is how we realize our deep need for the changes that God wants to make in us, and this is how we release the grip that Satan tries to maintain on parts of our beings. The real beauty to me in this situation is the way that Jesus responds to this vulnerability and confession of weakness. Christ says that we should not fear, for He has great things in store for us. He has a path of travel planned for us, and God, Himself, is committed to walk the entire length of that road at our sides.