Lead me in the path of your commandments, for I delight in it.

Psalm 119: 35


For a human being, especially a modern, western world, male like me to express delight at adhering to a set of rules is truly unusual to the degree of being weird. The oddity of it all gets taken a step further when I ask God to actually take hold of me and lead me along His rule guided path. Yet, as I pray to God in agreement with the writer of this Psalm, that is exactly what I am doing. As I travel along God’s way through life, I am living in the manner that brings me into conformity with the righteousness of God that is my new natural way as a follower of Christ.


From experience I have learned that seeking to do those things that God commands, and even more importantly, allowing God to change my way of thinking so that His commandments are the driving forces behind my decision making creates balance and harmony in me that dwells deep in my soul. Thus, it is a foundational resource for daily living and brings peace to my soul. God’s primary commandment is that I love Him, and its close companion is that I would love others. Love is the foundation and the total expression of all that God desires for people. For if we love God, we will seek to do what is pleasing to Him, and if we love others with the sort of deep commitment that God does, we will desire to see their lives brought into a close and a permanent relationship with Christ.


So, this is the delight filled life, we need to start each day with personal attention to God’s word and purposefully seek alignment with His will and His guiding touch to direct the way to go through life. Then we should continue to listen to His Spirit and accept His direction as situations and interaction with others unfold. Finally, the day will be made complete by taking the time to reflect on what actually did happen so that we can thank God for all that He did to take care of the needs of this day, and seek His guidance along the path that will be encountered tomorrow.