For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith.

1 John 5: 4


When faced with some form of obstacle, challenge, or difficult situation most of us take them on by relying upon our knowledge and our strength. After all, that is why we have put in the hours and years of hard work that developed those skills. Whether we are wired to enjoy, to tolerate, or to detest these times of conflict, people tend to respond to all that comes our way in much the same way. Yet, none of this wins a true victory. Everything that we do on our own will fall short, and far too often the price of these victories is devastating on ourselves and on others.


Certainty of winning is found only in following the Supreme Victor, Jesus Christ. Although Christ has shared with us images of the great struggles, battles, and wars that are coming during these times of His final returning, all of this turmoil is nothing more than the mopping-up action that comes after the Lord has already claimed His victory over Satan and the world. So, as we are in Christ, we too are literally victors. Yet, we are not just invited to join in the celebration or added on to the tail-end of a victory parade. What happens to us is much greater than any of that, for the fight is still going on and the conflict is fierce. Although we can rejoice in the reality of Christ in our lives and worship our God with all of our being, we are simultaneously engaged in battle. It is here, on the battlefield, that Christ makes the greatest difference in our lives.


Christ’s presence changes the essential character of the way that we engage with our enemy. In Him we gain the capacity to see the true nature of the attack, and we are prepared to counter its force and fury with tools and weapons that are effective. Although we may perceive that we are faced off against flesh and blood opponents, we are, in fact, engaged in a conflict that exists in the realm of the mystical. The forces that are aligned in opposition to us are quite visible to God, but they are thoroughly concealed from our view. We must rely upon God to reveal them, their true intent, and His plan for engaging with them. In order to do this one primary thing is required of us, we must have faith. The strength that will sustain us and the wisdom that we will require to stay true to God’s calling will be provided by Christ as we stay faithful to His Word, His Spirit’s leading, and the fellowship of His Body.