As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

1 Peter 4:10


The ultimate response to the love that has been shown to each of us by God is to in turn love others. God gives all of us skills, abilities, special insights, and especially gifts of the Spirit that provide us with both the ability to live our own lives more fully and with the ability to affect the lives of others for earthly and eternal good. God is a giver; although, He calls upon his children to come to Him and to worship Him, I see Him coming to get me and bring me home to His love and care most of the time.


The Lord truly wants us to take what he gives to us and share it. He knows that there is incredible satisfaction and a substantial sense of fulfillment and of joy that is the result of showing Christ to those around us by sharing from our hearts. The forms that the sharing can take are as varied as are each of God’s children. He doesn’t force us into a mold in order to make us into singular expressions of Him Instead, God created us as individuals and He takes delight in our individuality. Then the Lord through His Spirit performs an on-going transformative work in us so that He enhances our distinctiveness through the enlightenment and the empowerment of His Spirit.


At that point, God asks us to take what He has given to us, turn to those around us, and with a confidence that comes from Him, love others. Christ’s gracious gifts are intended for us to use in building up others in order to point to Christ as the source of all that is good and loving in this world. We have all received grace in abundance from God who knows no limit to His love or to His generosity. We can grant that same grace to those around us in a manner that knows no limit and that seeks only to gain the praise and the recognition of Christ, Himself.