Bring my soul out of prison, so that I may give thanks to Your name;

The righteous will surround me, for You will deal bountifully with me.

Psalm 142: 7


All people are born with souls that are locked away in the dark, cold, and lonely isolation of a cell that is called separation. We all are removed and apart from the presence of God, and everyone has already received an eternal death sentence that was handed down by the highest judge of all. Yet, the undeniable appeal of that sentence was perfected by Jesus, has been sealed and attested to as authentic and irrevocable by God, and is waiting for each of our acceptance. All God requires from us is to reach out our hand, humble our heart, and accept His truth of salvation through Jesus, the Christ. Then, the key enters the lock, and we are freer than imagination could ever contemplate.


Still, there are too many times when I find myself looking out from what seems to be the inside of that prison cell. I feel the oppression and the isolation of being apart from my Lord. These are times when dark thoughts and troubling motives swirl around in my heart and obscure the clear thinking that God’s righteous light brings to my mind. It is for times like these that God designed us to live in the company of others. He promises us that He will bring into our lives other people who know Him and who seek after His way of living, for friends are one of the greatest aspects of the bounty that God provides to His children.


At times when the walls of the prison seem to be closing in on your heart, and the coldness of isolation is seeping into your bones, it is time to look toward those friends that Christ has placed into your life. Although the human tendency may be to protect your wounded spirit by withdrawing into the solitude of separation or external happy facade, that is exactly what should not be done. In these times, we all need to claim the reality of the freedom that has been granted to us by Christ, open our hearts to the Lord who already knows the answer for our pain, and allow our faith community the opportunity to bless us by helping us carry the burden of the moment.