But the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets, but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing.

James 1: 25


Just in case you haven’t taken a moment recently to look around at the world that surrounds you or, for that matter, looked in the mirror, this is flawed and imperfect place. So, when someone claims to have their eyes fixed upon perfection, the claim and the claimant are highly suspect. Still James is saying that there is something perfect that not only exists but it is accessible to anyone who looks into it.  It is a bit like Dorian Grey’s mirror except that rather than deceiving us, it shows us the complete and total truth. Christ’s mirror is wonderfully and graciously honest.


When we look into the image that appears there, we see ourselves as set free beings. This perfect law that James is discussing is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It takes the totality of God’s moral and ethical code that sets out the framework for righteous living and it makes it possible for us. It is by grace that we find acceptance from God, and it is through Christ that we are changed from the condemned sinners that we have been since birth into the beloved co-heirs of God’s Kingdom that is our eternal status. The freedom that we now enjoy does eliminate the need to do any form of work or to put out any type of effort that is done in order to gain God’s acceptance, to achieve status in His eyes, or to secure a place in eternity. However, this newly minted freedom is not passive and it does call upon us to act.


There seems to be proven validity to the idea that the things that we hear are not made real until we do something with them. We can fill our minds with ideas and with facts that have no lasting effect; yet, when we convert this knowledge into action, the ideas seem to become incorporated into our very being. As God’s truth becomes more and more of the person that interacts with the world, we encounter the transformative process that Christ promises to His people. The Spirit of Christ informs our hearts and instructs our minds so that we have a sound basis for living in a manner that brings honor and glory to Christ. Then, as we actually enter into every aspect of this living with a sincere desire to engage our world with peace, justice, righteousness, and reconciliation as our intended outcome, we will be blessed by living in the complete liberty that only Christ can grant to us.