I exhort you brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.

1 Corinthians 1: 10


There is a lot of exhorting going on these days. We are granted opportunity to hear and to experience the ideas and the opinions of many people and causes. The words and images of passionate persuasion reverberate off of the walls of the mind with painful frequency. There is much at stake as we each try to make decisions about what is right and who is best suited to lead the process of making those decisions. It is good and proper to have passion about the causes that we believe in. People should care about the way that we live and the values that guide and govern our lives. However, there needs to be a point and a place where difference is set aside and at which agreement is achieved.


According to God, that point is arrived at when we embrace His truth. It starts to take over our hearts and minds when we stop seeking out other sinful humans as our primary source of wise guidance and engage in the never-ending quest after God’s will with all that this implies. It is at this point of surrender to Christ, that is true and total yielding to Him not just the surface verbalization and outward signs that make up so much of our faith conversation, which we begin to transition from independence and division into unity in Christ. It is only in unity in Christ’s body that we will find completeness. This is the state of being that God intended for us from the beginning.


Ground zero, the foundation and the inception point, for unity is located at the juncture of the cross. It is Christ with His wounds and His pain, with His undeserved sacrifice, and by His risen conquest over this world’s deathly dissonance who brings all people into the possibility of sharing minds that think and hearts that beat as one. As we seek to navigate through life in this world where pain, terror, and disagreement are rampant, we cannot afford to be silent about God’s truth. We also cannot simply accept the idea that we will hold opinions that differ from other Christians when we are talking about issues of fundamental faith. When we are not united, we have not all understood Christ’s mind. We must choose to seek unity. We need to be willing to get on our knees before God and to prayerfully seek out his mind until unity is achieved. The greatest message that we can shout out in exhortation to our world is expressed by a chorus of voices speaking of the promise of restoration and of salvation that comes to us in our Lord Jesus Christ.