Trust in the Lord forever, for in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock.

Isaiah 26: 4


Chip, chip, chip. The world around us rains down blows upon the foundations of life. As the caustic words and the condemnation come our way, we flinch and then we back away. We surrender on the small points; then, we give away our souls. It is all so simple and everything seems to make such sense. Yet, there is so much at stake. It is so easy to accept the idea that if life is to be lived with any sort of security and within the grasp of peace and contentment, we must not fight or disagree with people who hold power and who say that they are working for the good of the many. So, the sharp point of the hammer lands on the surface of our foundation stone. So the cracks spread and the chasm deepens until it all breaks apart and we fall down.


So go each of us as individuals. Then, as the individual falls, so crumbles our society. We get what we deserve if we stick with the flow of our culture. When we allow people to set our direction and determine what is right based upon what is politically expedient, we are agreeing with and joining forces with all that is opposed to God’s righteous rule. That might seem like a harsh statement, but I believe it to be absolutely true. The ways of this world are established by its temporary ruler, and Satan’s direction stands in complete opposition to God’s. There is no acceptable compromise, and no comfortable middle ground to be found.


The idea that we should need to find another, human-inspired way to understand how to live in our world seems crazy to me. I know that life is complex and that it is hard to assess what is right in many situations. However, God has provided us with His Word, and it is not ambiguous. The Lord is present in our world and enters into our lives in His Spirit in order to grant us deep knowledge of Him and revelation of His will. The only unbreakable foundation that we can stand upon is found in and through a relationship with Christ. There is nothing else that defeats the blows of Satan’s relentless hammer of deception and death.


There are no perfect people and little that is without the flaw of compromise in our legislative processes. However, we are each, individually and as we collect together with others who seek God’s rule, tasked by God with the responsibility to make our voices heard. Additionally, people who know Christ must base what we say and how we engage the discussion on God’s truth and not become slaves to political party, ideology, or convenience. God’s way is the path to life. Justice and freedom are found in it. Christ calls upon each of us to stand together upon this everlasting rock.