This is eternal life, that they know You the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.

John 17: 3


Strive as we may to achieve eternal living whether it is through such healthy living as intense exercise, careful diet, and getting lots of sleep or should we try to live peacefully and calmly by meditation, contemplation, and other spiritual practices; in the end it will all fail without Christ. Many people claim to accept the existence of God. Some of them say that they actually know him. Yet, not so many really do know Him. The God that we seek to know is a very complex being; yet, He has made getting to that state of knowledge rather simple.


The one and only true God came out of His place in the heavens and surrendered the position that He held in order to engage with humanity directly and personally. It seems to be important to remember that Jesus was sent by God but that this same Jesus is also that one God. They are three persons of this very complex being, and we must know both God the Father and Jesus in order to actually be in relationship with God. Then we will be granted a relationship with the third person, the Holy Spirit. When people say that they can accept the fact that there is a god and that this god is the ancient God of the Bible, Yahweh, while rejecting Jesus as being that same God; according to God’s Word, they really do not know God. Jesus is the answer and the completion of all that was promised by God from the beginning of creation. When we leave Him out of our engagement with God, we are rejecting God’s full and complete Word.


As this is true for people who will not accept Jesus as God, it is also functionally true for people who have made that commitment to Christ but still refuse to yield our lives to Him. Until we fully surrender to Christ and passionately seek after His transformation of us at the deepest of levels, we do not actually know God. It seems that knowing is much deeper that what happens in our minds. God is known in ways that involve all of our being. This state of knowing comes about when we give up the struggle to retain our old ways and start yielding our wills to Christ’s. God makes Himself known to us as we seek Him. Getting to know God is a life-long, never ending journey for people who desire eternity, for eternity comes to us as we grant Christ His dominion in all aspects of life. There is never enough of this knowing of God, and He never stops revealing more and more of His glory to us as we submit more fully to His will.